Understanding Home Insurance Coverage in Portland, Oregon

The home is the heart of every family. It is a place to gather and spend time with those that matter the most to us. With so much importance attached to a family’s home, it only makes sense that you would want to protect it. Home insurance coverage in Portland, OR allows you to protect the things you love for the people you love.

Here at Mt. Hood Insurance, we understand the importance of a home better than anyone. Family is at the core of our business and everything we do. When you choose to use us for finding the best homeowner insurance policy, we take the time to get to know you and your family. We will sit with you and create a custom home insurance specifically designed for your needs.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Homeowner Policy 

While getting an insurance policy is required under most circumstances, it is still a decision that should not be made lightly. Getting a home insurance policy designed specifically for you can make all the difference in the world. Understanding homeowner insurance and everything that goes into it will allow you to ask the right questions and give important information when the time comes to speak with an insurance agent.

What Home Insurance Coverage Provides

While homeowners insurance can be customized a million different ways, certain elements are standard across the board.

Interior and Exterior Protection of Your Home

I think it goes without saying, but the biggest thing protected under your homeowner’s insurance is the home itself. In the event of a fire, hurricane, lightning, vandalism, or other natural disasters, your insurance company will step in and assess the damage and determine what they will and will not cover. Often, they will reimburse you for any repairs, and in certain circumstances, they will reimburse you for the entire reconstruction of your house.

If you are concerned about fires, lighting, floods, or anything else, you need to get in contact with an independent insurance provider to discuss your options. Only independent insurance agents like the ones you will find here at Mt. Hood Insurance have the time and expertise to build a homeowner insurance plan designed for your concerns in mind.

If you want to learn more about what you need to be covered in your home insurance policy, we are ready to help you!

Personal Liability

No one likes getting hurt, but above that, no one likes getting sued for causing someone else’s pain. Getting personal liability coverage on your home insurance policy protects you if someone gets hurt on your property and then decides to sue. You can even customize your liability insurance to include injuries caused by your dog or even broken and damaged property from someone else’s home.

Home Insurance Coverage Can Help Pay for a Hotel

There is no worse feeling in the world than having your home damaged to the extent that you cannot live there. A home is a symbol of protection for your family. That is why many homeowner policies include paid hotel fees while your house is being repaired. You have enough to worry about; finding a warm place to sleep for you and your family should be the least of your worries.

If you are ready to get peace of mind when it comes to homeownership, get in touch with Mt. Hood Insurance, and we will show how easy it is to find the right coverage for your home.

How to Save Money When It Comes to Your Home Insurance Coverage 

I don’t think you will find anyone that disagrees with the notion that owning a home is extremely expensive. With this in mind, many homeowners are looking for ways to save money. One big way to save is through your home insurance coverage. There are several things you can do to reduce the cost of your homeowner policy.

Invest in a Security System

Investing in a security system has many benefits. First, it provides a safer environment for you and your family. Additionally, adding a security system may drastically reduce your insurance monthly premiums. Having a home security system reduces the risk of theft and other acts of vandalism. Insurance companies see this reduction of risk on their part and offer financial benefits to you.

Heavily Research Before Undergoing Home Renovation

Planning on adding a playroom for your kids so they can have more room? Or expanding your office or den to provide an escape when your kids complain they don’t have enough room? Before committing to any project, you need to research the materials you will be using and the impact on your homeowner’s policy. For example, building with materials like wood will cost more to insure due to the risk of fire. While on the other hand, materials like cement or steel are much cheaper to insure.

Raise Your Deductible

Just like with auto insurance, every homeowner’s policy comes with a deductible. A deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. Raising your deductible will reduce the amount you owe on your monthly premiums. If you are looking for short-term monetary relief, raising your deductible is the best way to go about it.

Home Insurance Coverage FAQ

How Much Does Home Insurance Coverage Cost?

Home insurance coverage operates just like car insurance. The overall cost of your homeowner insurance policy depends on several factors, including the value of your home, where you live, and how many claims you have filed in the past.

When Should I Get a Homeowners Policy?

Your mortgage lender will require you to get a homeowner policy before the closing process is complete on your new home. It is highly recommended that you begin your search for a homeowners policy as soon as possible.

Do I Need to Have an Inventory List for my Policy?

While most insurance providers do not require you to keep an inventory list of your personal property in your home, it is always a smart idea to keep one. Costs can begin to skyrocket rocket quickly; keeping an inventory list will keep you organized and ready to file a claim.

Can I Get a Quote for Home Insurance Coverage?

Absolutely! If you want to get a quote for home insurance, one of our trained staff at Mt. Hood Insurance is ready to help you find the best coverage!

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Home Insurance Coverage in Portland, Oregon