Home Insurance

How do you get the right home insurance policy at the right price? There are several factors to getting the best coverage at a competitive price for homeowners insurance. We can walk you through a home insurance policy and help you pick the right one today.

How To Pick Your Home Owners Insurance

Unlike Auto insurance, you can own a home without insurance. However, if you are financing a home most lenders require you protect your home with homeowners insurance to cover damage caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Much like your auto insurance, you will want to work with a local agent that is familiar with the area you live and common risk factors, someone who can explain and educate you on how your policy works and what is or is not covered.  Fires, wind damage, and freezing pipes are common in the northwest, while large hail storms and hurricanes are not.

You will want to discuss with your agent the internal policy limits and make sure all your personal property is covered to its full value, as well as the home itself.

Factors In Home Owners Insurance Pricing

At Mt Hood Insurance we look into multiple factors to determine the right carrier and coverage for you.  Age and type of construction of the home, updates and maintenance, security or protective devices, claims history, type of pets, specifically scheduled items (jewelry, guns, artwork), guaranteed replacement coverage. 

Home Owners Insurance in Gresham And Portland

If you are looking for homeowners insurance in Gresham, East County, or the greater Portland area we can find the right policy for you.

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